Folks, I Never Sausage a Party!

From the minds of Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Jonah Hill comes what is surely the most dirty, twisted and all-around brilliant animated film ever to hit cinemas: Sausage Party!

In this R-rated animated comedy conceived over the last eight years, Frank (a hot dog sausage, voiced by Rogen) has made it his life’s goal to reach and thrive in the world outside of Shopwell’s Supermarket, just like his many compatriots. To their collective belief, the humans who buy them are gods bringing them to a better place. However, Frank soon discovers the truth: humans consume all of the products they choose, resulting in immensely painful death for each and every item that leaves the store.

Aided by his best friend Barry (a misshapen fellow hot dog, voiced by Michael Cera), Frank tries to convince his girlfriend Brenda Bunson (a hot dog bun, voiced by Kristen Wiig) and all of their friends that their lives are in danger. This proves no easy task, as it is the daily habit of the Shopwell’s populous to praise the gods with the song “The Great Beyond”.

Where to begin? I cannot completely express how much I love this film! Firstly, the picture offers enough humor to have kept me cackling with laughter for ninety minutes straight. Secondly, beneath all of the sexual innuendo and (constant) use of the F Word, a multitude of satire and philosophy lies waiting to be discovered. From a piece of used chewing gum modeled after Dr. Stephen Hawking to a backstory inspired by the traditions of Native American peoples, there is plenty subject matter to intrigue every imaginable audience.

One of the more enlightened subplots involves the hostility between a Jewish bagel and a Palestinian lavash (Edward Norton and David Krumholtz). The two stubborn foods, cleverly named Sammy Bagel Jr. and Kareem Abdul Lavash, are utilized brilliantly to examine the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; furthermore, Norton’s performance is given in a spot-on impersonation of his close friend Woody Allen. Norton and Krumholtz’s characters join dozens of others to engage in a highly graphic event at the film’s conclusion…trust me, it’s insane!

In summation, I highly recommend this delightful, intelligent and surprisingly heartfelt film to anyone looking for raunchy, ridiculous and enlightening fun. Sausage Party is a smorgasbord of deliciously-conceived, mouth-watering madness!

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